Yoga helps control the retina

Yoga helps control the retina

British media reported on the 13th that the latest research results of American medical experts said that those patients with diabetes whose nanoparticles have diffused from the retina may be able to get a yoga exercise designed for them.

  Professor James at Duke University Medical Center?


Carlson chaired the study.

He told Reuters reporters: “The benefits of yoga include reducing pain and fatigue, increasing vitality, a sense of relaxation and self-identity.

“Carlson’s research points out that patients in advanced stages need to take an active and effective approach to control cancer-related symptoms, and the” conscious yoga “tailored for such patients works well.

Its exercise content includes some gentle yoga postures, breathing training and meditation, which can effectively relieve the patient’s pain, fatigue and anxiety.

  Carlson concluded that the study “provides for the first time some preliminary evidence that has revealed the potential of yoga exercise for people with diabetes who feel hopeless and vulnerable.”

Expectant mothers to be alert to noise pollution jeopardizing financial growth

Expectant mothers to be alert to noise pollution jeopardizing financial growth

During pregnancy, some pregnant mothers like to listen to some prenatal education music, but research has found that the ideal sound environment is no less than 10 decibels and no more than 35 decibels, so pregnant mothers should be alert to noise pollution.

  Noise is a type of pollution that can cause deafness if it is serious.

Such serious “pollution” will of course bring even more unpredictable consequences to those voltages with very weak self-protection capabilities.

  High decibel noise can damage voltage hearing organs and reduce their hearing.

If the pregnant mother receives a sound of more than 85 decibels during the second trimester, some heavy truck sounds (the sound is about 90 decibels) will cause the baby to lose keen hearing.

  The fetus’s inner cochlea grows and develops from the 20th week of pregnancy. Therefore, the inner cochlea, which has been in the growth and development stage, is easily damaged by low frequency noise.

Noise can affect weight, because it can disrupt the normal endocrine of pregnant women, cause the pituitary gland to secrete too much oxytocin, which can cause uterine contractions, leading to miscarriage and premature birth.

  The ideal sound environment during pregnancy is no less than 10 dB and no more than 35 dB.

However, it is difficult for pregnant mothers in modern life to find such an environment.

Pregnant mother is exposed to 50 every day?
80 dB of noise 2?
Within 4 hours, there will be mental irritability, increased breathing and heart rate, and increased cardiopulmonary burden; nervous system dysfunction; headache and insomnia follow; reduced endocrine system function, especially insufficient estrogen and thyroid hormone secretion; digestionImpaired function makes it difficult for pregnant women to obtain adequate nutrition; their immune function declines, and pregnant women are susceptible to viral or bacterial infectious diseases.

These are important reasons for poor development of hypertension, underweight in newborns, mental retardation or deformity of body organs.

There are also studies that found that babies discharged from neonates born in a noisy environment, 0?
The average number of illnesses per year at age 3 is 2 more than other infants?
4 times.

  From this point of view, in order to make mother and child safe, in addition to eating well and sleeping well, it is also indispensable to create a relatively quiet environment that separates noise.

Although it is still difficult to fully achieve this in the current national conditions and living conditions, pregnant mothers must have the consciousness that “noise will affect eugenics”. In life and work, create conditions and contactThe chance of noise is minimized.

For example, those who have the conditions can temporarily change the place of residence; change the type of work to get away from the noise environment; reduce the number of trips to downtown areas; do not go to entertainment venues such as karaoke halls; turn off the TV and recorder in the home;And refrigerators; avoiding frequent noisy family members are especially important.

  In general, in order for their normal development, pregnant mothers must find ways to avoid ground line noise, do not go to airports, train stations, bus stations, karaoke halls, disco halls and other heavily polluted areas, let alone deafening at homeRock music.

Is it normal?

Find pleasure from exposure

Is it normal?
Find pleasure from exposure

Car as a Bed-Private Car Sex In the United States in the 1960s, these small trucks were often a sign of young sexual autonomy. Of course, for them, sex in the body has passed the popular era.

In China, some car owners have gradually experienced having sex in the car by entering ordinary people’s homes through cars.

In the previous days, the private cars lined up at Baiyun Mountain, Ersha Island and other attractions after nightfall. The cleaning staff found five or six abandoned condoms the next day. The car parked here was performing a male and female cloud rain incident.
Some people think that this behavior is detrimental, while others believe that it is completely personal freedom and restricted in private space?

Others believe that the environment should not be destroyed.

  Opinion: From the way of sexual life, I believe that the reason for not being questioned does not harm the freedom and rights of the society and others. There is no need to blame the two for making love to others. On the contrary, a considerable part of them are willing to upset in the carIt shows that they are very romantic, after all, having sex in the car is very different from the big bed at home.

A certain “doctor of sexology” has tried “the battle between heaven and man” in the wild, with the mountain breeze and the natural sound of flowing water in my ears, and it feels fresh.

From sexual mental illness, doing it in a car is like stealing it. I don’t know when there will be a pair of eyes to see it. Between the peeping of someone else and the secret love, the psychological stimulation may be more exciting.

From the perspective of sexual medicine, the hygiene conditions in the car are not comparable to those in the home. Cleaning before and after is difficult to do. The space in the car is small and the body is limited by space. Of course, it is not comfortable at home.

In general, private car sex people are understandable, and it is not uncommon to do it occasionally in the car without hurting the weather.

  Selfie-naked photos-The patent of online writers. Friends who love to go online can find that there are often people who take selfies and upload them online, whether it is passed on to their boyfriend but popular for no reason, or they are naked in their blogs.Fortunately, in order to expose yourself to others, some websites are often congested.

There is a writer online called “Bamboo Shadow Hitomi” who updates his nude photos in real time on his personal blog.

She said that to treat the body as a free body, why not appreciate our own body with a pure heart?

It is said that the purpose of taking off her clothes in front of people is to show off her bold personality and tease all beings.

  Opinion: Some women like to expose themselves. They can get psychological satisfaction from exposing themselves. In summer, women’s clothing always sees more or less exposure, which can please others and attract attention.

Men and women are exposed from different perspectives. The skin is not white enough, and the body is slim. Women are compared with themselves, and men are by their nature.

Nude selfies in the internet are mostly for getting new psychological satisfaction or finding a new selling point for yourself.

In order to be famous, if there is no nude photo attached, I am afraid that her text will not be patronized by more than 100,000 people within a month.

  Body Writing-Shortcuts to bestsellers Writing in the lower body is nothing new. Wei Hui once wrote: No resistance to improvisational madness, worship of all kinds of desires, and the exchange of various experiences, including the mysteries of orgasm.
… It should be said that it more accurately summarizes a sexual concept of this generation.

Jiu Dan is not angry and is known as a “prostitute writer”. Mu Zimei became famous because she brought her sexual experience to the Internet. At the same time, some publishers moved her “Letter of Love” to the bookshelf.

  Opinion: Sociological experts believe that the Muzimei phenomenon is not an individual phenomenon, but a representative of the emerging social responsibility group in Chinese society.

From the perspective of sexual medicine and psychology, her behavior was actually for fame, in order to attract the attention of the media, she was willing to accept an interview with the media, and then published a book.

However, if Muzimei likes this kind of life very much, and changes her sexual partner many times, and is always happy, even with a mentality of revenge and juggling, then there may be two explanations: one is that she has a physiological problem and it is likely that her hormone secretion levelToo high, too much sexual requirements, high sexual excitement; Second, there are psychological problems, she has a strong sense of strangeness, and can not control her desire to seek stimulation.

The efficacy and role of mango

The efficacy and role of mango

When the fruits of the mainland have not yet appeared, the mangoes of the southern country have already entered the fruit market.

Mango is native to India, and until now the Buddhist world still regards it as a holy tree.

Mango pulp has delicate flesh and unique flavor. It is a well-known tropical fruit.

  Mango has many functions and effects. Mango is rich in nutrients, and contains many essential nutrients such as sugar, protein, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, and iron.

The most noticeable is that the original content of vitamin A is the highest in fruits, which is very helpful for maintaining the function of the optic nerve and moisturizing the skin.

The vitamin content of mango is higher than that of ordinary fruits, which can reduce plasma and triglycerides, which is beneficial to cardiovascular heart disease.

Mango contains mango compounds, which have obvious anti-lipid peroxidation and protective effects on brain neurons, can delay cell aging, strengthen brain function, and have expectorant and antitussive effects, and have adjuvant treatment for cough, sputum and asthma.
Triacetyl and polyphenol compounds such as mangiferone acid and isomandelic acid in mango have anticancer effects.

Mango juice can also increase serum peristalsis and greatly reduce colon cancer.

  The efficacy and role of mango is basically in health care, and it is also a good medicine.

Chinese medicine believes that mango is sweet, slightly acidic, and flat.

It has the effects of strengthening stomach and vomiting, promoting hydration and quenching thirst, diuresis, dizziness and other effects. It can be used for irritability and thirst, lack of fluids, vomiting, adverse urination, dizziness and other symptoms.

  Mango internal food side: ① hot and thirsty: fresh mango 1?
2 raw foods.

Or 30 grams of mango slices, 30 grams of reed root, 30 grams of trichosanthin, 15 grams of Zhimu, decoction, 2 times a day.

② Chronic pharyngitis, dry throat, dumbness: appropriate amount of mango, drink water frequently instead of fried tea.

③ Seasickness and vomiting: 1 raw food of fresh mango.

Or take 2 slices of mango decoction, 2 times a day.

④ Food loss or pediatric accumulation: 2 mangoes, eat raw, once in the morning and evening.

⑤ Amenorrhea: 1 mango, eaten raw.

⑥ kidney qi pain: mango core 2?
3, decoction.

  Mango topical: ① eczema itching: fresh mango leaves decoction to wash the affected area.

② Multiple moles: Mango is eaten raw, and the peel is rubbed on the affected area.

③ Gunshot wounds: Wash the wounded area with mango leaves and decoction.

  Conclusion: Do you remember the benefits and functions of mango listed above?

Fitness is just hands-on!

Fitness is just hands-on!

White-collar men work hard and under pressure.

And fitness can effectively improve these conditions.

  After a week of fighting in the mall, whether it is against a fierce basketball game or a relatively mild golf, it is a “relaxable” part of the body that can relax.

Perform regular contraction exercises; strictly control your weight and participate in an aerobics training class that suits you; perform effective and effective muscle strengthening exercises every weekend.

It is necessary to give up or change some of the impactful exercise programs.

  Is your joint flexible?

  Most men’s joints are less flexible.

It is easy to feel tension at the top and around the gastrocnemius muscle, and it is this tension that causes the disc to sag and cause soreness.

There is a good way to alleviate this symptom: lie flat on the floor, surround your left knee with both hands, and slowly lead your knee to your body for about 10 seconds, then your right knee.

Do it once a day at the beginning and increase it to 2-3 times a day.

  Learning to pick things up properly seems like a worthless topic.

“Most people simply bend down, get hold of something and walk away” “It’s very incorrect, because it puts excessive pressure on your back and can easily cause sharp pain and chronic discomfort.

The correct posture is to squat down completely, grab the items and slowly get up.

Six lotus roots for health and disease prevention

Six lotus roots for health and disease prevention

Introduction: Chinese medicine believes that lotus roots enter the heart, spleen, lung meridian, and produce sweetness and coldness, and have the effects of removing blood stasis and clearing heat, removing irritability and thirst, and stopping bleeding and stomach.Function: cooking soup can Tongli urinate, heat and lungs.

Here are a few medicinal recipes for lotus root health and disease prevention: lotus root soup, lotus root soup, 60 grams, lotus root, lotus root, 100 grams each, and jujube.

Smash the 3 flavors, remove the seeds from the jujube, add water and cook into a paste. Take an appropriate amount of rock sugar and take 1 dose daily.

Serving this soup can nourish the stomach and promote the body, and is suitable for the symptoms of loss of appetite, thirst, dry throat, constipation, short urine.

Lotus root peanut octopus soup lotus root 400 g, peanut 150 g, dried octopus 100 g, pork ribs 400 g, moderate seasoning; lotus root washed and cut into pieces, octopus dry cleaned and soaked 3?
Wash the peanuts and spare ribs for 5 hours. After boiling, boil the water. After the water is boiled, put the prepared ingredients into the pot together. Roll the fire for 15 minutes, then use the simmering pot for 1?
2 hours, season properly after eating out, eat slag and drink soup.

This soup has the effect of nourishing the lungs, stopping bleeding and urination.

Ginseng lotus seed soup white ginseng 3 grams, lotus seeds 15 grams, soaked in water for 4 hours, put 15 grams of rock sugar, steamed and simmered for 2 hours and eat.

It is beneficial to qi and spleen in patients who are physically weak, tired, sweating or diarrhea, and can promote physical recovery.

Lotus root hawthorn cake 500 grams of fresh lotus root, 150 grams of hawthorn cake, 25 grams of osmanthus sauce, moderate sugar.

Peel the fresh lotus root, cook in water, and remove to cool.

Hawthorn cake is pressed into a mud with a knife, mixed with sweet-scented osmanthus sauce, sugar, poured into lotus root holes, sliced, and served on a serving plate.

It has the effects of strengthening the spleen and appetizing, refreshing and quenching thirst, reducing blood pressure and lipid, and is suitable for patients with chronic gastritis, chronic bronchitis, hypertension and hyperlipidemia.

Tangerine cake powder, glutinous rice flour, 250 grams of white sugar, 60 grams of peanuts, add water, mix and steam, cut into pieces, and serve.

It has the effects of strengthening the spleen and stomach, tonicating and detoxifying hemorrhage, and is suitable for physical weakness, eating less, vomiting blood, urine, blood in the stool, etc.

Qiuli Pear Jujube Juice (peeled, pitted), 10 jujubes (de-knotted), 500 grams, pound juice, substitute tea without restriction.

It has the effect of clearing heat and moisturizing the lungs, and is suitable for embolism of cough with phlegm fever, yellow phlegm, dry throat and so on.

Why do children crazy

Why do children “crazy”

If the adult only talks about the world, it will make him sad that he has not seen his existence.
In order to show his own status, he will also take the initiative to interject, pull guests to play games with him, if you follow him, he will be excited, if the parents slightly hinder, he will make a mess.
  When faced with this kind of “people coming crazy”, some people think that disciplining children in front of guests is a disrespect to the guests, and if not done well, it will embarrass the guests.
In addition, he was afraid of hurting the child’s self-esteem, so he persuaded or simply threatened, “I’ll clean up after I see someone go!
“Some people also think that after the guests leave and discipline the children, they have lost the” best date “for discipline, and it is not easy for children to realize where they are wrong, especially for young children.
  In principle, the discipline of children should be timely, but if you want to discipline children in front of guests, you must analyze it in detail.
  For younger children, parents should still educate in time so that he knows exactly what he is wrong with.
Make it clear to the children that this behavior is rude to the guests and everyone does not like it.
Don’t use the rationale and don’t speak loudly, because if the parents are anxious, their guests will be uncomfortable, and the children will not listen carefully.
  For older children, it is best not to teach him in front of the guests, because the children are older and have self-esteem, especially afraid of criticizing him in front of others, exposing his shortness, and making him embarrassed.
  Parents can find an excuse to tell him to leave, and wait for the guests to leave before education, but don’t drag on for too long.
If the time is long, the parents will raise this matter again, the child has long forgotten, no educational effect will be received, and the child will be disgusted.
  Most parents have a headache for this kind of “crazy coming” of their children. When they see their children gesticulate in front of guests, they are too active, they are nervous and even angry.
  In fact, children have their positive side.
First of all, you can fully motivate your child to show their talents.
No matter what the parents let them do, because of a kind of love to show off in front of others, children are generally easy to accept and often do better than usual.
  For a child who loves calligraphy, the parents asked him to write a few words for the guests to see. Because of the attention of the guests, it seemed that he would concentrate on writing and use his best efforts to write well.
Getting a guest’s compliment will make him feel better, and he will be happier than usual when he hears his parents’ praise.
  Parents are sometimes surprised, “This child is usually sloppy and cope with things. How can he write so seriously today?
“Parents will also feel light on their faces. Many parents will encourage their children to praise their guests in their future studies as a motivation for their continuous progress.
  Some children may not have any special skills, but since he is willing to say this and that in front of the guests, let him “play” a happy moment, talk about his little friends, their class, his wonderful fantasy.
With parents and guests as listeners together, the child will be extraordinarily active, torrential, and sometimes even whispered into pearls, which will surprise parents.
Doing so can exercise your child’s expressive and logical thinking skills, and can also prevent the development of cyanosis in front of a living person. What’s wrong?
  In fact, many actors indicate that they are “crazy”. The more the audience pays attention to themselves, the stronger their desire to perform.
  Secondly, the child is crazy and very active, which shows that he is very happy and excited. At this time, what he is allowed to do and learn is generally accepted by the children and carried on happily.
Therefore, parents should be good at seizing favorable opportunities to allow children to change from passive learning to active learning.
  For example, parents can take the opportunity to tell their children what is “civilized hospitality” and what is “reciprocity and exchange.” You can test your child “Do you know why guests should pay respect?”
“Please help me set up the table and think about where the guests can sit?
“Because there are guests at home, the child will feel very fresh and interesting, and generally will not resent the words of the parents. In order to prove that he can do it, he will work hard to do well.
  In this way, parents not only added a “helper”, but also did not cause the child to be all right and trouble.
They also taught children how to treat guests politely.
Over time, the child will know what to do when a guest comes.
So parents should not be too annoyed when they see that their children are “crazy.” They should strive to turn bad things into good things.
  As the saying goes, “No rule can’t make a round.” If parents want to reduce their children’s “crazy”, they should pay attention to strict requirements and actively induce them to develop good personality and behavior.
  Our country has a tradition of hospitality.
In real life, friendly exchanges between loved ones and friends are commonplace. In this way, interactions can improve understanding and harmony between each other, and children can be influenced by the virtue of being friendly with others.
These will also serve as a good reference for him when he grows up and become social, friendly and generous with people.
Therefore, parents should teach their children how to treat customers.  Parents must not talk about the enthusiasm of their own, let children sit on the cold bench from beginning to end.

Even if the child is playing, pay attention to the child and make the child feel that he is not treated coldly by the guests.

Generally, when the guests come, the parents should introduce their children to the guests, so that the children feel valued. If the parents can introduce the characteristics and advantages of their children in detail, or let the children perform programs for the guests, the atmosphere will be enhanced., And encouraged the child, also adapted to the child’s love to show their own psychology in front of others.

  ”Crazy people” is a normal psychological performance of most children. As long as parents strengthen education and guidance, your child will definitely become sensible and polite.

Happy laughter prevents emoji

Happy laughter prevents emoji

Anticipate the alarm: ☆ ☆ ☆ Moisturizing illusion The air is relatively humid in summer, and the dry tightness will be relieved. Many MMs who have done enough hydration work on weekdays will inevitably be idle.

But the maturity of the skin will not stop. If you can’t supplement the nutrition in time, wrinkles will still leave marks in your smile.

  ☆☆ Many white skins taken by the killer UVA ultraviolet rays, among which UVA rays will damage the collagen cells in the skin, make the skin lose elasticity, produce wrinkles, and have a much stronger lethality than sand.

  ☆ Water loss Although drinking a lot of water in summer and summer, most of it will be discharged to the surface of the skin through sweat to continuously evaporate, and it is difficult to store water in the cells.

I feel moisturized just because the secretion of sebum is stronger than usual, but the dryness of the skin and the lack of nutrition have not been alleviated.

  Lightning strikes: Don’t follow the trend blindly, thinking that you must change a full set of skin care products during the season.

Maybe you just need to replace the moisturizing day cream with a sunscreen-blocking cream, and continue to use moisturizing facial cleanser and toner.

  Don’t stare at the SPF value. For dry skin, whether the sunscreen has UVA-ray isolation is more important for delicate skin.

  Note: Many sunscreens use the “PA +” symbol to indicate the degree of protection against UVA rays.

Small tricks welcome spring and summer moisture and transparency


Small tricks welcome spring and summer moisture and transparency

Faced with the heat of the late summer and early autumn, the dehydrated skin began to become metabolically imbalanced, the water and oil were uneven, and the acne was constantly emerging and dull.

The solution is simple: moisturize.

Don’t exhaust your brain to find a new way. Use your brain on your current cosmetics. The new usage will allow the skin to absorb more water, and the transparency will return naturally.

  Applying lotion film Try to soak the paper film with lotion for 3 minutes, and the skin will become soft and plump immediately.

You can apply a moisturizing cream immediately afterwards to maintain moisturizing results.

  Wet towel on face This method comes from a dermatologist. After washing your face, use a very moist towel to cover your face.

After drying, dry the hot skin with a cold towel for 2 minutes and remove it to achieve the effect of moisturizing and soothing.

  Breathe, relax and clean, apply a lavender-flavored hot towel to your face, and take a few deep breaths. The skin can also be completely relaxed, and the moisturizing products you rub on will be easier to absorb.

  The heated cleansing agent squeezes out the cleansing milk, warms it up and reuses it, which can reduce irritation and maintain the skin’s acidic protective film. For skin with poor water retention, this small action is very practical.

  Plant essence oil emollient is directly blended with the essence oil: first squeeze out a 1/4 less amount of emulsion than usual, add plant essence oil, mix and knead, and apply on the face and body, moisturizing and comfortable, with a pleasant fragrance.

But don’t reconcile the whole bottle in advance, because it will easily deteriorate.

  Touch, cover, and pressure from the Japanese skincare expert Saiki Chitsu’s maintenance methods, apply moisturizers, gentle contact to relax the skin, warm the entire palm to accelerate absorption, voltage stimulate the facial acupoints, start the moisturizing ingredients to penetrate the nerve endings and penetrate the skin.

   Most of the beautiful flowers have skin-beautifying effects, and the exotic plants that contain the secrets of life have been explored and applied and have long been a key ingredient in skin care products that moisturize, antioxidant, and prevent skin aging.

  May vanilla pods are a unique plant on Madagascar islands in Africa. This green fruit accumulates polyketides. His advantages are that it is easier to absorb, regulates the production of collagen in the dermis, and plays a protective role.

Chanel’s luxurious essence rejuvenating series brings moisturizing, firming and elegant effects to the skin.

  Magical use of water-in-oil If you dry out quickly after replenishing, it means that the lock is not enough.

Glycerin, petroleum jelly, and urea proteins have good moisturizing properties, but they are more greasy in summer; sugars, amino acids, collagens, placenta and refined plant essence oils have obvious moisturizing effects, as well as help to repair cells and supplement nutrients, May wish to identify these ingredients when buying.

  Drinking Water Treaty Many people know the benefits of drinking 8 glasses of water a day, boiled water is the best, and tea and fruit juice are the best.

In addition, drinking a glass of warm honey water before going to bed will be especially helpful for dry skin.

  The skin that is not sensitive to common serums should develop the habit of using moisturizing serums every day, especially during the season change.

  The cream mask is more moisturizing than the sheet mask, and the moisture supply effect of the cream mask is more obvious.

Because of its high moisturization, the skin will become extremely soft and moisturized with water after use. After washing your face, moisturizing spray, lotion, essence, moisturizing cream, moisturizing cream . choose 2-3 of them.

Leave 30 minutes between each product for skin absorption, and the interval between dry skin should be longer.

Never be a psychological slave in the workplace

Never be a psychological slave in the workplace

Quite a few people in modern life let others grasp, control, and play the role of “psychological slaves” unconsciously. They are engaged in jobs that they hate, live in disliked environments, and do things contrary to their intentions. Here are five kinds of “psychological slaves”.

  The slaves of “what others think” are the most common kind of “psychological slaves”. They are the most destructive to creativity and personality. They are more common in mentally immature people.

“If I talk more, others will think that I am in the limelight”, “I do that, others will laugh at me” . This “other” type of thought makes it a slave to “others” thinking.

Most of these “psychological slaves” will listen to the advice of underqualified people, which will seriously affect their creativity.

  Solution: ① If you can feel happy after imitating others, try your best to imitate.

Otherwise, you should live your way.

  ② Reasonably face other people’s other eyes and criticize and blame. Because of the change of position, the more opportunities for people to be the object of chat, the more opportunities for criticism.

  ③ Make friends with courageous, willing, helpful, and like-minded people.

  ”Destined to fail” slaves This type of “psychological slave” lacks self-awareness and considers themselves small and unable to really see themselves.

They often reject “I don’t have a good chance”, “I will fail”, “People around me are against me”, “Leaders don’t value me” . Actually, thinking can actually control the development of things, when one wants toWhatever he wants, he will really become like that.

  Solution: ① Always use good, positive, constructive words to imply that you will increase self-confidence.

Usually try to think in terms of “why you can do it” instead of turning around “why you can’t do it”.

  ② I always think “I am going to succeed” and “I am a winner”, this will strengthen the belief of victory, and try to find various ways that “help success”.

  ”Too late” slaves This kind of “psychological slave” usually thinks that something can be done at certain ages.

For example, some people think that they have missed a good opportunity, and now they are advancing and retreating.

Some people think that they are too old at the age of 26 to go to college, and some think that they are 40 years old and cannot marry again.

  Prevention: ① Don’t pay attention to age restrictions, and look for a living example in life.

  ② Don’t give up.

Have a plan and work towards your ideal step by step.

  Many people prefer to eat “big pot rice” rather than reform. This is the typical “safety” slave slave.

Lack of imagination is a common psychological characteristic of “safety” slaves.

In fact, risks exist objectively. Human survival and development are a process of continuous struggle and constant elimination of insecurity.

  Solution: ① Make life rich and colorful.

  ② Because there are risks, there will be climbing, if there are difficulties, there will be breakthroughs, if there is pressure, there will be rise, and if there are storms, there will be fighting.

Therefore, we must learn to face all kinds of difficulties and rare and unknown things.

  The slaves of “past mistakes” were controlled by the wounds of past failures. The fear of any new attempt was their main characteristic. They were always bitten by snakes and were afraid of well ropes for ten years.

They are discouraged by their failure and do not know how to draw lessons from their failure.

The slavery of “past mistakes” will damage the ability of people to explore, and some people will stand still.

  Solution: ① If you regard failure as an investment, you will not feel it is a loss.

Some people say that Edison failed 9999 times to make the first practical light bulb, but he himself thought that he found 9999 methods that were not applicable.

  ② If errors can be detected in time, they cannot be regarded as errors at all.